November 24, 2016


Whats up guys and welcome back to my channel! today’s video is going to be a make up video and i’m really excited because i found a bunch of new products since i showed my makeup routine with is months ago because when I find products that I like I stick to my routine and don’t change it out much that’s why don’t do a lot of makeup videos on this channel.

Before we get started quickly I’m not a makeup artist, I’m not like a makeup guru so this is like I’m not probably the best at like tutorials but I wanted to show you guys what I did and second of all this is like a very full glam makeup for me at least like I don’t do this every day.

Hope you like it!

Products from this video:
  • Beauty Sponges
  • 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer
  • Concealer Stick
  • Contour Kit
  • Contour & Glow
  • Blusher in Pink
  • Bronze Eye Palette
  • Volume Boost Mascara
  • Fine Liner Pen
  • Brow Wax & Pencil
  • Liquid Lipstick in Karla

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