January 25, 2016

5 Awesome Lip Combinations!

SOOOO today I have a video on a couple of awesome lip combinations you will LOVE. I have dark lips, nudes, ombre lips and unique shades. All products are listed in the products used further down. You can recreate the lip looks with similar colours, or you can use different colours and experiment with the same lip techniques I used in this video. I hope you find this fun and helpful 
I would so appreciate it if you shared this video or liked it and commented - it HELPS so much because youtube recommends it more when a video has more feedback - plus I LOVE replying to your sweet comments, they fuel me with so much drive and inspiration.

Products from this video:

Dark ombre purple
Smokey deep grey
Wearable Ombre Rosy
Vampy ombre black
Grey wearable

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